AL-Diagnostic GmbH is an Austrian biotech company, which was founded in 2015 by Mag. Alfred Langeder.  
Our main perspective is to continue the production of the outstanding precast gels from Elchrom Scientific AG.

AL-Diagnostic GmbH  focuses on the development of new materials and methods for the separation of nucleic acids. Our technology and products represent state-of-the-art solutions in electrophoresis.
Amongst our globally spread customers are hospital laboratories, private institutes, also laboratories of the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, agricultural industry, food technology laboratories as well as research laboratories at universities.

We set new quality standards in DNA/RNA electrophoresis and oligonucleotide purification. The ready-to-use gels are based on a novel matrix and are ideal for a wide range of applications in plant, human and animal genomics.

We offer our customers:

  • a sensational resolution (up to 1 bp),
  • unsurpassed reproducibility as well as
  • high throughput and speed.

AL – Diagnostic is your partner of choice for electrophoresis.

The distribution of our precast gels is exclusively carried out by AL-Labortechnik, a leading life science company that sells instruments, consumables and services for liquid-, sample- and cell handling in laboratories mainly in Austria. AL-Labortechnik is privately owned by Mag. Alfred Langeder, and due to the long partnership with Elchrom Scientific AG, the whole AL-Team will meet the high customer requirements.