Biomarker Multiplex Quantification Service

Welcome to a new world of scalable immunoassays

  • High Multiplex
    92 Biomarker per sample
  • High Throughput
    96 Sample in parallel - 9,216 datapoints generated per run
  • High Specification
    PEA (Proximily Extension Assay)
  • Low Sample Requirements
    down to 1 µl of sample - ideal for biomaker studies in precious bio-banked samples such as serum, plasma, tissue ect.
  • New Biomarker Panels
    are developed and released continously

Data Presentation

Standard normalized chip-intensity values and on request customised bioinformatics analysis (i.e.  class comparisons-, class prediction- analyses using different feature-selection strategies, comparative analyses with defined gene-subsets can be provided)

For more Information:

UniProt - Codes: Testpanel Nr.1, Testpanel Nr. 2

Service in cooperation with AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology)

Multiplex Onkology I 96x96  -  (Bestell.-Nr.: Onkology I 96)
Multiplex CVD I 96x96   -  (Bestell.-Nr.: CVD I 96)
Multiplex Inflammation I 96x96   -  (Bestell.-Nr.: coming soon)