The PlentiPlex™ Mastocytosis assay combines the high selectivity of SensiScreen® FFPE assays with the extreme sensitivity of SensiScreen® Liquid, enabling detection of single copy mutants in concentrated DNA samples.


Mastocytosis is the common term for a heterogenous group of diseases characterized by abnormal accumulation and growth of neoplastic mast cells in tissue and organs.

KIT D816V mutation is almost always present in Mastocytosis patients and this somatic alteration is among the WHO criteria for diagnosis of mastocytosis.

PlentiPlex™ Mastocytosis recognizes down to a single copy of mutated DNA in 100 ng WT DNA (LOD 0.003%) and offers a simple, efficient and sensitive analysis of the KIT D816V mutation.



PlentiPlex Mastocytosis Instructions.pdf