CE IVD Cancer Companion Diagnostics

SensiScreen® CE IVD are real-time PCR based assays for somatic mutation detection in cancer patients. SensiScreen® assays combine ultra high sensitivity with multiplexing capabilities, speed, ease-of-use and little hands-on-time. Important features of SensiScreen® assays are the implementation of PentaBase’s proprietary DNA analogue platform technology and the inclusion of baseblockers that make SensiScreen® assays superior to most current somatic mutation tests with regard to sensitivity and specificity.


  • Limit of detection, LOD, of FFPE assays down to 0.25% – 1.0% of mutant DNA in a wild type background (5 to 50 nG gDNA input)
  • LOD of liquid assays down to one copy of mutated DNA (up to 5 nG gDNA input)
  • Hands-on-time 1-4 minutes per sample
  • Time to answer < 1½ hours



SensiScreen instruction.pdf

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PlentiPlex™ Mastocytosis, MSI and MYD88

PlentiPlex™ is a series of ready-to-use PCR-based assays for convenient and accurate analysis of DNA including genotyping, microsatellite instability and somatic mutation detection. Common for PlentiPlex™ assays is that they rely on PentaBase's INA® platform technologies; SuPrimers™, EasyBeacons™, HydrolEasy™ probes and BaseBlockers™, to assure ease-of-use, robustness and straightforward data analysis.

PlentiPlex™ assays include PlentiPlex™ Mastocytosis for highly sensitive and selective detection of KIT D816V mutations in mast cells, PlentiPlex™ MSI for easy and fully multiplexed determination of microsatellite instability and PlentiPlex™ MYD88 for assisting the diagnosis of lymphoma.