There are two types of assays available:

  1. SensiScreen® Ready-to-use CE-IVD Assays: SensiScreen® Ready-to-use assays are pre-dispensed in PCR strips and require only addition of patient DNA for somatic mutation testing.
  2. SensiScreen® Dispense Ready CE-IVD Mixes: SensiScreen® Dispense Ready CE-IVD Mixes include all reagents for somatic mutation testing except plastic ware to be used with the real-time PCR system of choice.

Overview of mutations detected by SensiScreen®

SensiScreen® assays detect the most common somatic mutations present in KRAS, NRAS, BRAF and EGFR. Furthermore, a range of new assays is expected to be added to the portfolio in 2017.

KRAS mutations detected by SensiScreen®

Assay CDS mutation Amino acid mutation Cosmic ID
KRAS exon 2 c.35G>C Gly12Ala (G12A) COSM522
c.35G>A Gly12Asp (G12D) COSM521
c.34G>C Gly12Arg (G12R) COSM518
c.34G>T Gly12Cys (G12C) COSM516
c.34G>A Gly12Ser (G12S) COSM517
c.35G>T Gly12Val (G12V) COSM520
c.38G>A Gly13Asp (G13D) COSM532
c.34_35GG>TT Gly12Phe (G12F) COSM512
c.34_35GG>AT Gly12Ile (G12I) COSM34144
KRAS exon 3 c.176C>G Ala59Gly (A59G) COSM28518
c.175G>A Ala59Thr (A59T) COSM546
c.183A>C Gln61His (Q61H1) COSM554
c.183A>T Gln61His (Q61H2) COSM555
c.181C>G Gln61Glu (Q61E) COSM550
c.181C>A Gln61Lys (Q61K) COSM549
c.182A>T Gln61Leu (Q61L) COSM553
c.182A>G Gln61Arg (Q61R) COSM552
KRAS exon 4 c.351A>C Lys117Asn (K117N1) COSM19940
c.351A>T Lys117Asn (K117N2) COSM28519
c.436G>C Ala146Pro (A146P) COSM19905
c.436G>A Ala146Thr (A146T) COSM19404
c.437C>T Ala146Val (A146V) COSM19900