There are two types of assays available:

  1. SensiScreen® Ready-to-use CE-IVD Assays: SensiScreen® Ready-to-use assays are pre-dispensed in PCR strips and require only addition of patient DNA for somatic mutation testing.
  2. SensiScreen® Dispense Ready CE-IVD Mixes: SensiScreen® Dispense Ready CE-IVD Mixes include all reagents for somatic mutation testing except plastic ware to be used with the real-time PCR system of choice.

Overview of mutations detected by SensiScreen®

SensiScreen® assays detect the most common somatic mutations present in KRAS, NRAS, BRAF and EGFR. Furthermore, a range of new assays is expected to be added to the portfolio in 2017.

EGFR mutations detected by SensiScreen®

Assay CDS mutation Amino acid mutation Cosmic ID
EGFR exon 19 Exon 19del 2240_2251del12 COSM6210
2239_2247del9 COSM6218
2238_2255del18 COSM6220
2235_2249del15 COSM6223
2236_2250del15 COSM6225
2239_2253del15 COSM6254
2239_2256del18 COSM6255
2237_2254del18 COSM12367
2240_2254del15 COSM12369
2240_2257del18 COSM12370
2239_2248>C (complex) COSM12382
2239_2251>C (complex) COSM12383
2237_2255>T (complex) COSM12384
2235_2255>AAT (complex) COSM12385
2237_2252>T (complex) COSM12386
2239_2258>CA (complex) COSM12387
2239_2256>CAA (complex) COSM12403
2237_2253>TTGCT (complex) COSM12416
2238_2252>GCA (complex) COSM12419
2238_2248>GC (complex) COSM12622
2237_2251del15 COSM12678
2236_2253del18 COSM12728
2235_2248>AATTC (complex) COSM13550
2235_2252>AAT (complex) COSM13551
2235_2251>AATTC (complex) COSM13552
2237_2257>TCT (complex) COSM18427
EGFR exon 20 2369C>T Thr790Met (T790M) COSM6240