PSE Electrophoresis Power Supply

pse electrophoresis power supply 1

The PSE Power Supply provides 200 V and 2000 mA in 1 volt and 10 mA increments.

The PSE is suited to run up to two ORIGINS Electrophoresis Unit and three SEA 2000® apparatus simultaneously at 55°C.

PSE Electrophoresis Power Supply Features:

  • Direct reading of programmed pre-set and actual values of voltage, current and time
  • Voltage, amperage and timer adjustable during run
  • Timer from 0 to 9999 min
  • Automatic restart with audible alarm in case of a power failure during the run
  • Battery-backed memory feature for the last run

PSE Electrophoresis Power Supply Ordering Information:


2029E PSE Electrophoresis Power Supply, 200 V/2000 mA, 230V EU-plug

PSE Electrophoresis Power Supply, 200 V/2000 mA, 115V US-plug