origins by elchrom

The ORIGINS Electrophoresis Unit is a new generation of submarine electrophoresis system with an integrated heating/cooling system. Automatic temperature control, the homogeneous electric field and buffer circulation makes ORIGINS Electrophoresis Unit ideally suited for introducing new standards in research and routine laboratories. In combination with Elchrom's ready-to-use gels, ORIGINS Electrophoresis Unit provides unsurpassed results and guarantees the highest level of reproducibility.

The ORIGINS Electrophoresis Unit comprises THE most cost-effective alternative to capillary electrophoresis: better results for lower costs!

Technical Features:

  • Integrated system for cooling/heating: no external water bath nor temperature probe required
  • Integrated temperature control: constant temperature of the running buffer independent of running time and voltage
  • Integrated pump for buffer circulation:  guarantees constant temperature and eliminates pH gradients even in the vicinity of the electrodes
  • Parallel double-electrodes on either side of the gel compartment provide a homogeneous and uniform electric field.
  • Working temperature range: 4°C - 55°C


Width: 55 cm     
Depth: 41 cm
Height: 22 cm

Weight: 18 kg       

Gel compartment: D 10.8 x W 27.8 cm

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Ordering Information

P/N Product
2100 E ORIGINS Electrophoresis Unit  (230V, EU-plug)
2100 U ORIGINS Electrophoresis Unit  (115V, US-plug)

Including Catamarans S-8, S-12 & S-50/100, Peel-IT™, Easy-Stain Gel Tray, 200 ml (4x50ml) of 40x running buffer stock solution, special forceps and instruction manual.