For efficient RNA Analysis and Northern Blotting

Clearose® RNA gels are optimized for the separation of total and mRNA in the size range of 50 nt -10’000 nt. Clearose® RNA is RNAse free and shows excellent resolution with sharp bands and high sensitivity.
Non-toxic TAE buffer is used for the electrophoresis and blotting, thus omitting any equilibration step.
Samples are prepared with Glyoxal according to Elchrom`s protocol.

Clearose® RNA Special Features

  • RNAse free
  • Excellent resolution
  • High sensitivity
  • High reproducibility
  • Easy and safe handling

Clearose® RNA General Notes

  • Use non-toxic running buffer (TAE)
  • Denaturing with Glyoxal before electrophoresis
  • Storage: horizontally at 4°C (40°F), do not freeze!
  • Shelf life: at least 6 months (max. 18 months)

Clearose® RNA Ordering Information:

3602 Clearose® RNA Mini 1 box of 10 gels
3626 Clearose® RNA Wide Mini S-2x13 1 box of 6x2 gels