The new format of the 96 wells ready-to use HLA gels consists of 3 gels (1 presentation) mounted on a plastic backing for easy handling. Each gel is provided with 4 x 8 wells plus 4 x 1 well for the Marker.

The use of HLA Ready-to-Use Gels is multi-beneficial:

  • Easy handling! Gels are 8-channel pipette compatible according to SBS standards.
  • Pre-stained! HLA Ready-to-Use Gels are available with GelRedTMor EtBr.
  • Save time! With HLA Ready-to-Use Gels up to 96 samples can be run in as little as 7 min.*
  • Quality controlled reliability! HLA testing with ready-to-use gels is highly reproducible to avoid time consuming, expensive failures and re-testing.
  • Increased flexibility! Cost effective use of gels. Just use what you need.

*using ORIGINS Electrophoresis Unit

HLA Ready-to-Use Gels Ordering Information: 

P/N  ProductQuantity
8110   HLA Ready-to-Use Gel (3x32) EtBr

1 box of 9 presentations


8120   HLA Ready-to-Use Gel (3x32) GelRedTM 1 box of 9 presentations
8810   HLA Gel Catamaran (3x32 sample wells) 1
8820   HLA Gel Catamaran (1x32 sample wells)




Inquire for Starter Kits (containing both catamarans and 1 box of gels)

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For Research Use Only.

GelRedTM is sold under license from Biotium, Inc. Biotium has the following US patents and foreign equivalents for GelRedTM: US 7, 601, 498, PCT/US2008/013698

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