• High reproducibility
  • Minimises sample-to-sample variations
  • Non inhibitory to downstream processes
  • High resolution gel matrix
  • Accurate size discrimination

Next-Gen Prep Gel Ordering Information: 

P/N   ProductQuantity
9024    Next-Gen Prep Gel, S 2x2; 
   max. loading volume 200 µl/well   
1 box of 6x2 gels
9025    Next-Gen Prep Gel, S 2x3; 
   max. loading volume 150 µl/well 
1 box of 6x2 gels
9026    Next-Gen Prep Gel, S 2x4; 
   max. loading volume 100 µl/well 
1 box of 6x2 gels


Next-Gen Prep Gel important pdf:

Please refer to pdfNext-Gen Prep Gel_Protocol 5362.42 KB for DNA extraction from Next-Gen Prep Gels for Next Generation Sequencing. 

pdfNext-Gen Prep Gel-Flyer-02_12.pdf1.06 MB

pdfNext-Gen Prep Gel_ Product list119.52 KB