For Fast and Easy Screening

PCR CheckIT™ gels are ideal for fast screening in the size range from 100 bp to 4 kbp.
The gels are produced by gelation and simultaneous cross-linking of the hydroxyl groups of agarose and the oxirane groups of butanediol diglycidylether. They contain a low total polymer concentration, but give improved resolution of short nucleic acid fragments. DNA molecules run faster in PCR CheckIT™ gels than in high percent agarose or fully synthetic gels.
PCR CheckIT™ gels are insoluble in boiling water and do not inhibit DNA polymerases and ligases. The gel is elastic and optically clear. The stained bands from a gel can be excised with BandPick™ and used directly for re-amplification,
sequencing or cloning.
PCR CheckIT™ gels are available with or without Ethidium Bromide (EtBr). The samples can be run in the presence of EtBr to achieve excellent results. PCR CheckIT™ gels are not required to be destained prior to analysis and results can be obtained within 10 minutes.

Special Features

  • Fast results: PCR results in as little as in 10 minutes
  • Direct recovery: stained bands can be excised and used directly for PCR, sequencing and cloning
  • High throughput: analysing up to 400 samples simultaneously
  • High reproducibility: equal quality, gel after gel

General Notes

  • PCR CheckIT™ gels are available with or without Ethidium Bromide (EtBr)
  • Can be run in the presence of EtBr or post-stained after electrophoresis
  • Maximum electrophoresis temperature: 35°C
  • Diffusion of molecules: DNA molecules rapidly diffuse out of the gel at 70°C–75°C
  • PCR CheckIT™ gels are elastic and optically clear
  • Storage: horizontally at 4°C (40°F), do not freeze!
  • Shelf life: at least 6 months (max. 18 months)

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