Poly(NAT)® Broadest Size Range

Poly(NAT)® gels are the best choice for demanding separations, covering the broadest range of fragment sizes.They cover DNA fragments in the size range from about 50 bp to 20000 bp and are able to resolve 2–3 % in size difference for fragments up to 2 kb.

Poly(NAT)® is prepared by the polymerization of NAT (N-acryloyl-tris(hydroxymethyl)-aminomethane) in the presence of a cross-linker.Electrophoresis of DNA on Poly(NAT)® gels can be carried out over a wide temperature range from 20°C to 55°C.
Poly(NAT)® gels do not melt at high temperature (95°C). Electrophoresis at 55°C is recommended for precise DNA size-estimations because sequence-dependent mobility of DNA is mostly prevented at elevated temperatures.

Poly(NAT)® gels are highly transparent. SYBR-Gold staining allows to detect less than 0.1 ng DNA per band.
Poly(NAT)® gels provide exceptionally clear and sharp bands.
Poly(NAT)® gels exist in 3 different concentrations (6%, 9%, 12%). Which type of Poly(NAT)® gel to choose depends on the size range of the DNA fragments to be analysed (see ELQuant for detailed information).
Diffusion of DNA in Poly(NAT)® gels is extremely slow, even after electrophoresis.
Immediate staining and destaining is not required.

Poly(NAT)® Special Features

  • Broad fragment size range: from 50 bp - 20`000 bp
  • High resolution: 2–3 %, up to 2 kb
  • High sensitivity: as little as 0.05 ng/band
  • Electrophoresis temperature range: 20 – 55°C
  • Low diffusion: bands remain sharp after weeks at 4°C
  • Direct recovery: stained bands can be excised and used directly for PCR, sequencing and cloning

Poly(NAT)® General Notes

  • Poly(NAT)® gels exist in 3 different concentrations: 6%, 9%, 12%
  • Always use 30 mM TAE buffer with Poly(NAT)® gels. 
  • Borate is not compatible with Poly(NAT)®
  • Stain after electrophoresis
  • Storage: horizontally at 4°C (40°F), do not freeze!
  • Shelf life: at least 3 months (max. 6 months)

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